My bad experiences about South Mallorca

by - February 27, 2018

In my previous Mallorca guide, I talked to you about Palma de Mallorca, the awesome city centre of the island – now I’d like to talk about the southern (and probaby the worst) part of the island, where are not so many beautiful attractions compare to north Mallorca.

First of all, you have to know that there any many cheap flights from the UK to Mallorca – this is reason why lots of teen have their first holiday „without the parents” here in this island. The alcohol is kinda cheap to them, so it’s easy to have fun and they don’t need super natural attraction to party and get drunk.

Now that you know this, you will realize why there are so many drunk teen in the southern part of Mallorca. The teens don’t like to drive hours after they arrived to the island, so they mostly go to the closest – and the wildest – towns next to the airport and Magaluf is one of them.

My bad experiences about Magaluf
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The largest party place of the island is Magaluf, what have a nice beach, many hotels, many bars and discos and an Aquapark is close to here as well. Shortly, it’s a perfect place to getting drunk. The nightlife is kinda crazy – it means that you will see many naked guys lying on the floor, or guys who have nausea but you might see some wild girls without bras too. I know, it sounds awful, but this is the truth.

I was here only once, in 2008 for few days, but since I’ve heard (and read) that the place has fallen from every high quality, so I honestly don’t recommend to anyone, only those who wants to party and get drunk. As I know, a couple of years ago even a reality show (The Magaluf Weekenders) made a series about the wildlife experiences of Magaluf. If you check it out, you will see nothing, but the real life of the place.

My bad experiences about Palma Nova
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It’s more like a twin town of Magaluf, however Palma Nova is a big calmer one. The discos and the famous bars and located between the two town, so if you are not much into the wild party lifestyle, I recommend this place more. I also think that Palma Nova have a cleaner beach and you can find an apartment or a house to rent it out easier than in Magaluf, what’s full of hotels. However, I still say that if you are in Mallorca, go to a different part of the island, because these are the worst places – honestly.

My experiences about Santa Ponsa, Mallorca
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One of the best places on the south coast: it’s very romantic and calm, but the beach is tiny and gets deep very quickly, so there’s not so many kids around - I recommend this place for couples only. There are many adults-only hotel in Santa Ponsa and there’s so many thing to do, next to enjoying the beach: you can try out diving from the diving center, go to sailing, enjoy horse riding or learn how to play golf in the local golf center, what’s quite famous in Mallorca.

My experiences about Sant Elm, Mallorca
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Unfortunately, I got to see this beautiful little fishing village years after my first visit to Mallorca. Sant Elm is the only reason I fell in love with the southern part of the island, however I didn’t have the change to go to the wonderful mountatin tour (Ruina La Trapa) when I was there – I jut had some stroll, sunbathing, a wonderful lunch and beach time. Maybe next time I go to Mallorca I’ll visit this lovely town again, but I don’t recommend it on summer, because the beach is not too big and it’s not much thing to do there when the weather is very hot.

Next to Sant Elm, there’s a tiny natural protected island, called Sa Dragonera National Park, where are hundreds of unique birds and plants – I’ve seen many beautiful photo about it, so If you would like to check it, you can go there by boat from Sant Elm and spend few hours there – it’s a lovely experience!

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