Victoria's Secret Valentine's Day Campaign 2018

by - February 14, 2018

Where's the time when the Victoria's Secret commercials were banned because they were too sexy? This year's Valentine's Day Campaign doesn't bring any sexiness, only cuteness: pink fake fur coats, puppies, heart shaped fridge magnets and kiss blowing faces were the keys of this ad.  

© Victoria's Secret
We can't talk about the sexiest commercial in the VS's history that's for sure. I was hoping that after last year's very nice Valentine's Day campaign the lingerie brand brings something very cool in 2018 but they were able nothing, but showing some cuteness for teens. However they have the most beautiful models in the industry (in the picture: Jasmine Tookes, Romee Strijd, Taylor Hill) who have the potential to make any lingerie sexy and fantastic, the styling were so awful and the concept were so bad that even these wonderful women can't help on this campaign.

© Victoria's Secret
Elsa Hosk (in the picture) have one of the best bodies among the Angels, she was not really able to show it, because the VS staff give her this cute (but not so happy) puppy to have a shoot with. The problem is that it's a lingerie brand and I can see actually everything in this picture, but not the lingerie. I have no idea what was they aim with photos like this - are they promotes the sofa, the dog, the necklace or what?!

© Victoria's Secret
Jasmine Tookes were the only one who tried to bring up some sexiness in the campaign: probably this is the most erotic photo from the ad. No puppies, idiot coats or anything with too much sugar, just a sexy woman with nice smile in a beautiful underwear - that's all what Valentine's Day should be all about!

© Victoria's Secret
Is VS really need to show how to take selfies in one of their main campaigns of the year? An what's that pink fake fur coat? The Angels ( aylor Hill, Jasmine Tookes, Romee Strijd) have so pretty smiles and I just love that pale pink lace bodysuit, but I an hardly see anything from it, because those women are totally dressed up. That's ok, but - I have to repeat myself again - it's a lingerie campaign!

© Victoria's Secret
I have to say, this is one of my favorite photo from this year's ad, because the models (Romee Strijd, Taylor Hill) are soo beautiful, but I again hardly can see anything from the lingeries itself - however they look gorgeous. 

© Victoria's Secret
I really love this picture as well, but I don't feel why they needed these fake fur coats once again. I mean the models (Josephine Skriver, Lily Aldridge) looks lovely just like the lingeries but they made it bad with those styling. There are some other pictures I would show you happily but I only wanted shoe you the best ones (yes, these are the best ones) so if you are interested, check the rest of the campaign HERE.

© Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret, if I (as a long time fan and lingerie lover) can tell you few advice, how to make your next campaign better, here I am: 

1. Don't use stupid accessories for a lingerie campaign (such as smartphones, sad puppies, pink fur coats, strange pillows etc.) if it's not for teens
2. Don't ask your models to be more cuter than sexier
3. Let your costumers see what you are selling. In this campaign I can hardly see the lingeries! 
4. If you have Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel such as VS Angel legends, please use them!
5. Change stylist for the photoshoots ASAP!

Thank you VS! 

For those, who don't know the history of the brand's sexy Valentine's Day campaign, let me show you this picture - after this, it's your job to decide whether you like this campaign or not.

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