My relaxing vacation in Malta

by - January 12, 2018

I came to Malta with mixed feelings, because many people around me had a bad opinion about it: they said „It’s very dusty, the road’s conditions are horrible, there are tourists everyone, the capital city is extremely small and crowded, you can’t enjoy swimming because there are jellyfishes everywhere” and so on.

So as soon as my plane landed on this island, I already know what to expect: actually nothing special, just spend a great and sunny time here.

Take the advice of my friends, I came to Malta in the off-season, because I hate when I have to share my holiday with lots of tourists and I’m also not a big fan of the heat. This time the sun wasn’t burning, there were just few tourist groups on the island, so I had a very enjoyable stay in Malta.
Why? Malta is close to Budapest, English is spoken everywhere and the whole island is very easy to go – it’s perfect location for a long weekend! For a longer holiday I don’t recommend it - unless you are a diving fan or you find an unmissable hotel-airplane package with a very low price. Since there are many low-cost flight to Malta from Budapest (and actually everywhere form Europe) it would be a pity to not visit a country like Malta – especially that we can get the know the whole island in less than a week.

My beachy vacation in Malta
 © Gretta
This view is simply gorgeous everywhere from the island - I have to admit it was good to see such a beautiful thing after the rainy Budapest.

Malta is famous for its diving centers, great restaurants, Valletta's rugged and hilly streets, but hikers and natural lovers also can find attractions: my favorite was the Blue Lagoon, which is simply fabulous! You can go to the Blue Lagoon with a small boat – but I highly recommend to get food and drink with yourself, just like sun umbrellas and hats, because the „beach” is actually on a big rock, without any shadow. It was easy to get tanned even in October!

Malta's Blue Lagoon looks wonderful
 © Gretta
Autumn and early spring are the most delightful time to visit Malta's largest attraction, Blue Lagoon.

Another wonderful sight was the Azur window rock formation in Gozo, what I really wanted to see in live, but it collapsed in March 2017 in a storm. Gozo, on the other hand, is much more relaxed, greener and all in all more friendlier than Malta - I personally liked it better than the main island, so next time I will definitely come here, not to Valletta.

Mdina is an "ancient" town in the middle of the island, which is very quiet and peaceful compare to Valletta. The entire settlement is surrounded by a large castle wall, which can also be seen many times in the Game of Thrones sequel.

Baracca garden is always very peaceful in Malta
 © Gretta

Everyone who likes nature and beautiful things will love the Baracca garden - I could easily spend hours here. Unfortunately, when the weather is very hot, its impossible to enjoy it.

In Malta, one of my favorites was the Barracca Garden in Valletta, a public park full of beautiful plants, flowers and palms. My friends know how much I love botanical gardens, national parks, zoos and actually any natural settlement – so I have to say I really enjoyed spending my time here. During my vacation, the white onion blossomed which I have never seen in my life so far, so I was glad I didn’t come here in summer heat.

Beaches close to Valetta are not so enjoyable, so get on a bus and visit the Golden Bay Beach in Western Malta. The "golden cove" is far the best beach in Malta. There’s even a wonderful hotel next to it: the Raddison Blue Resort & Spa is one of the few hotels in Malta, which have a direct access to the beach – it’s great for those who want to have a relaxing beachy vacation on the island. Also, Gozo is very close by ferry, the view is great, so I would definitely recommend it for a visit as well!
 © Gretta

One of the last sunny days on the Golden Bay in Malta

All in all, Malta and it’s surroundings (Gozo and Comino) can be visited in few days, so maximum one week is enough for the whole island. If you are planning a longer holiday, you may also should to consider other nearby islands (like Sicily, Corfu, Cyprus, Zakynthos etc.) because Malta might be boring after a while.

I recommend Malta to..
  • Those who don’t have big expectations about the island
  • Those who likes diving and want to practice in Europe
  • Couples who are coming here to chilling to together, not to swimming or have a great bath

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