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by - January 13, 2018

The island’s, capital city, Mallorca is about 2.5 hour by plane from Budapest and from Barcelona it’s just 40 min away – it’s perfectly located to anyone who want to enjoy nature, the sea, the sunshine and of course Spain!

I totally fell in love with Spain and especially Mallorca about 10 years ago, during my first family vacation there – it was in Magaluf, what’s „the wildest and the worst” part of Mallorca – but believe me, that time it was not that bad! Of course it was with full of party animals and drunk people as well, but we’ve been in such a beautiful and amazing resort, that actually we never really felt this whole party lifestyle – only when we went out to shopping to the local market.

I’m sure that now I would never go back to Magaluf or Palma Nova, especially after those horrible stories I’ve hear since then - but in June 2008 when the Spanish soccer team won the European Cup it was kinda fun and unforgettable.

Sa Seu, Mallorca, Palma de Mallorca
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Since then I’ve been in Mallorca many-many times, and I love the feeling when I get out of the airport and see those tall and beautiful palms next to the parking area… It just always brings me happiness!

So, here we are, this is my first travel guide about Mallorca, but you can be sure that it won’t be my last! I hope I can help with you with my experiences about the island and I can show you some amazing photos about this beautiful place!
After you get out of the airport…

You are going to see a HUGE parking area next to the airport. Rented cars, tour buses and everything else can be picked up by there, so you just have to cross the road, go straight and as soon as you have the car, just go right off to the highways, what takes you to the different points of the island.

Another very great thing about Mallorca, that the transportation is VERY GREAT. The highways are very cool (compared to Hungary), the signposts are very simple and can be seen everywhere. Even if you are with a tourist company, bus stops can be easily located everywhere (however, during summer time the buses are full of tourists, so I would prefer recommend to rent a car – its so much easier!)

According to the opinion, Palma is Europe's most underrated city: thanks to Instagram, Pinterest and other social media, we can see more and more of the world, but Palma is still very little know. This is probably due to the fact that only the beach lovers and families with kids are traveling to Mallorca, not the big tourists, and most of them spend only few hours at the capital city.

Sa Seu, Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca
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At Palma's center there is a mile-long pedestrian street that runs along the huge harbor, up to the Sa Seu cathedral. If you come by car, beware of parking: a horrible amount of money is required in the center for an hour parking, just like in the harbor. I recommend you to park at the beginning of the port - it's free - and if you do not want to walk for a few miles, the taxi will get you to the Sa Seu much cheaper than paying for parking all day.

However, if you don't have all day to look around, it’s about a nice 30 min walk from the beginning of the port and walking throught that beautiful area… is amazing. For example, I admire the port and the whole Sa Seu’s area including the artificial lake next to it. For me it’s really special, I love strolling there and I guess this sight can be totally identified by Mallorca.

After the Sa Seu cathedral, there are many souvenir shops, cute restaurants and cafees as well – it’s like the most social area of Palma. My favorite place is the tiny Es Petit Bar where the finest coffees and juices can be found in the city!  During summer you probably have to wait a lot to have a table, but it's really worth it!
Few meters away, after the crossroads, there are heavenly ice creams  - you’ll definitely find them as well, because usually you have to wait on a queue for 5-10 minutes, but if you are not the fan of fruity ice creams and like to try out more unique ones (like Bounty Chocholate – my favourite), you will love it!

Sa Seu Cathedral, Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca
© Gretta
Belverr Castle is situated a bit further away from the center of the city, on a hill, from where the whole Palma (including the cathedral and the harbor) has a perfect view. In addition, Palma has an Aquarium, a luxury shopping mall, Passeig des Born (with shops such as Gucci, Saint Laurent, Prada, Luis Vuitton, Max Mara, Chanel, Zara etc.) and the Museum of Modern Art, Es Baluard – so there are definitely many thing to do in Palma de Mallorca, even if you are not the fan of beaches and hiking.

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