My adventures in Calafell (South Barcelona)

by - January 15, 2018

In my previous post, I wrote about my trip to Palma de Mallorca. Now I’m travelling to an other part of Spain! I want to show you the Spanish countryside in Barcelona’s south area, which is much more better and calmer place than the big metropolis!

If you have one or two extra days in Barcelona and you don’t want to spend any other time with the tourists attractions and the busy beaches I really recommend you to take a train or rent a car to South. It’s an incredible experience, you won’t regret it!

Calafell beach
© Gretta

This lovely coastal town is about 40 minutes by car from the El Prat Airport and it’s halfway between Barcelona and Tarragona. The motorway (AP7 - Calafelf about 15 euros) and the coastal road (C-32) also goes straight into the city - you can’t get lost because everything is meticulously charted!

Honestly… this is not a touristy place. There are not too many sights here,it’s only for those who want to have a family getaway, bathing and relaxing, being with the locals and spend a calm town out of the busy Barcelona – but enough close to get into the city anytime.

I was here for the first time in 2016, but last summer I returned back because Calafell have a very calm life form and I love the local little Spanish community what’s here. For example, on the main street, in the Granier bakery, the shop assisants were totally remembered me – even after a year. I would totally recommend it by the way, because the breakfast cereals and pastries are just AMAZING – much more thanin the nearby Mercadona or Lidl supermarkets.

The locals barely speak English – so a little spanish knowledge won’t hurt anyone, but the people are quite lovely so it won’t be a problem if you can’t speak spanish. However, I would advice to order in spanish at the local bars instead of english because most of the time they didn’t perfectly understand what I want and I got different foods and drinks many times from the waitresses. The best bar is the Bar Calafell here (opposite at the beach) – you can eat here soo many amazing sweets… ice cream chips, candy pancakes, creamy pancakes, milkshakes (my favourite was Oreo milkshake) and of course, any type of alcohol and coctails as well.

© Gretta
Next to the bar there is a fantastic grab&go place: you can buy the world’s best waffles here, what you can ask with nutella, coconut, strawberry, banana… and with so many other toppings as well. No wonder why there are always so many people! In my opinion, their waffles are even better than the traditional Belgian ones, so don’t miss it!

This time I stayed at the Le Meridien Ra Beach Hotel & Spa is quite out of the center, but very calm and lovely place. I love the building of it, it looks so exclusive that you just can’t walk next to it without looking up to it! The hotel have a private beach area with sunbeds, a beach bar, a fitting room, a shower and an own beach disco too – during my stay there was a beach wedding as well with fireworks and everything fun! About the rooms and the views… I wouldn’t waste any words, let the photos talk instead of me.

Le Meridien Ra Beach Hotel room
© Gretta
Calafell also has a multi-kilometer beach walkaway, where most of the Spanish locals spend their time: the grandmas having the gossips here, lovers and cuddling, the puppier are also on the street, and they children’s playground are very popular even at 11 pm. I was always wondering how can the spanish kids can be up til so late, but the right answer is the siesta… It’s such a good thing, we should have that everywhere in the world! Calafell got silent around 1-2 am, the stores opens at 9am or even later, at 10.30 am – so if you are an early bird, you can really enjoy your time here! Honestly, no one is on the street before 9 am.

Calafell’s beach is a little wavy and there were many jellyfishes last time, so I dont recommend to swimming for hours but for a fast bathing its perfectly ok. The sand is very soft and fine and the beach all in all is very calm during the week, but at the weekend and on holidays it gets a little busier because many people coming down to a beachy day form Barcelona.

Interesting, but this year there were many jellyfishes at the mostly calmly and waveless beach of Salou as well. Lucikly, I didn’t meet any of them but people got bited around me and it was quite scary.

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