My experiences about Sitges (South Barcelona)

by - January 16, 2018

In my previous post I talked to you about Calafell, and also about Mallorca's capital, Palma de Mallorca. Now I’m going to continue my Spanish Travel Diary about Barcelona’s nearby places, including Sitges, Tamarit and La Móra. 

Secret beach with beautiful caves in Tamarit, close to Tarragona
© Gretta

Last year I only had a quick lunch in Sitges, so I decided to give another chance to this seaside town again, which even have a half an hour local train connection from Barcelona – or you can find it right next to the C-32 motorway. Since many local Spanish workers work in Barcelona, the coastal town is very popular among the Catalans - and the homosexuals too.

They have a large community here, they even have an annual parade, so first of all it’s important to note that there’s not much thing to do for family or friends – the whole city is full of with men, men shops, men discos and everything related to it. If that’s bothering you, do not go to Sitges – or at least know what to expect.

Sitges Beach
© Gretta

The beach is full during the day - the air is very stiff on the beach, especially summer time, so I recommend it only to those, who do not care about the heat. In the evenings, the walkers and the shopping enthusiasts pass the Passeig Maritim promenade next to next beach, where many immigrants sell merchandise and famous, fake fashion items.

The seaside promenade is guarded by the Catholic Church of Sant Bartomeu & Santa Tecla, where the road leads through a wonderful view – unfortunately there are  few stairs what have to be made for the sight but it’s totally worth it!

On the way to the church, there’s the Cau Ferrat museum with Catalan collections and at the bottom of the hill there’s another beach of Sitges, the San Sebastiá Playa, which is considerably smaller than Sitges main beach. (During my stay this beach was just filled with sand, so I wasn’t able to try it out. ) I met here with this fabulous street sign, which you can definitely not meet in Hungary, but I haven’t seen such a beautiful one in Spain either – i just had to take a photo about it! 

The Catholic Church of Sant Bartomeu & Santa Tecla in Sitges
© Gretta
Other than this, there’s not much thing to do in Sitges – you can have nice walks, there are few high fashion stores here but nothing really else. In my opinion, the beach is not very great, it’s very very busy and the town is only great for a nice walk during the evening – I don’t recommend to book a hotel or a vacation here.


After two very wavy days in Calafell and a massive gust of wind, I decided to try to find a beach where I can safely enjoy the beach and have a great bath – Tamarit is about a half an hour drive from Calafell. Not as far as Salou, but it have a beautiful natural settlement, between forests and it’s mostly for families and little kids, so I loved it! You have to know that you have to pay for parking or you have to walk down to the beach around 2 km – neither of it worth it, I tell you why.

Secret beach near to Tamarit Castle close to Tarragona
© Gretta
Tamarit has two beaches: the larger one is facing a huge campsite, the Tamarit Park Resort - there are huge stones and pebbles, I think are medallions, so I did not really swimming there, but there’s another beach, a secret one, what I really really recommend to everyone (also, you don't have to pay for parking as well).

There’s a beautiful castle on a small cove (a bit of magic to get up and down, but it’s worth it) where’s a little secret beach – you can take WONDERFUL PHOTOS and having a fantastic bath there. The whole landscape, the area, and the water are wonderful as well – I loved spending my time in this beach. It’s interesting to know, that castle is a local mansion, and it’s a very popular venue for weddings and special events. For example, Andrés Iniesta, one of the best Catalan soccer player in the world had his wedding here as well – I saw photos about it and it’s insane how much elegant the little castle is inside! It’s honestly a luxury mansion – no wonder the view is absolutely amazing from there to the sea!

Secret beach near to Tamarit Castle close to Tarragona
© Gretta

A bit south, near Tarragona, across the Tamarit Castle and across the Cala Joverna National Park, there’s a little place called La Móra – one of my favorite place in Catalonia. Why? The water is slowly deepening, the sand is very soft, it’s full of locals (Spanish campers), so it’s very quite and the beach… That’s just perfect! It’s right next to a hill with full of forests, but there’s a tiny walking road up to it, which you should miss! Alternatively, you can check it online, that hill have wonderful luxury mansions and natural sceneries (Google Map: Platja de Canyadell to Platja d'Altafulla), but I don’t even have to say how much it’s better in real life than on the screen…

La Móra Beach
© Gretta
Luxurious villas and glass-honey-covered houses with stunning seafront views can be found here, directly on the beach, and of course in the highlands. I've read that Barcelona FC world-class footballers have a lot of holiday homes in this area - what should I say, I'd love to have a holiday home here, because it’s so peaceful and beautiful here. Because of its rich vegetation, the pictures can’t show how much it’s wonderful in real life, but beyond the stone wall there was only the infinite sea. It was just amazing!
La Móra View
© Gretta

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