The best infinity pools in the world

by - March 18, 2018

These beautiful infinity pools are heavenly perfect for world travellers, digitals nomads or honeymooners as well – I wish I could try out all of them! Which one is your favorite?

Jade Mountain, St. Lucia
© Jade Mountain
Jade Mountain, St. Lucia
This one looks like a paradise! However I read that many of the 5-star Jade Mountain’s guest are complains about the missing walls (there are only 3 sides of the hotel) since every little animal (mosquitos, bugs, frogs and birds) can freely enter the room, but I think this pool totally worth every „effort”! Great news that every room have an own private infinity pool, so you won’t be disturbed by other guests if you want to chill out here all day.

Laucala Resort, Fiji
©Laucala Island Resort

If you are a pro at luxury hotels and you are on Instagram, you’ve probably met by this pool, because everyone wants to know „where is it?” Well, shorty: at the end of the world, on the little private island called Laucala.

This 120-centimeter-tall infinity pool is one of the most recognised pool’s around the world, thankfully to it’s unique design. However, this pool is at the famous Laucala Resort (one of the world’s most expensive hotels) the $1 million price a day worth every penny because EVERYTHING is included. Yes, the food, the drinks, the water sports and every other entertainment option as well.  However the resort only have 25 villas, all of them sets next to the ocean and have infinity pool, so luxury and exclusivity  are guaranteed on this island.

Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas
©Palms Casino Resort

The whole Vegas is at the front of your feet if you are having a bath in this infinity pool! Who wouldn’t want to try it out?

America's famous former playboy, Hugh Hefner owned this two-story suite, which can be rented almost $8 million dollar/for a day on weekends (during the week it’s a big cheaper „only’ $5 million dollar). However the price is a huge amount of money, I’m sure that it’s not a big deal for billionaires, who spend more money in the casino.
This amazing pool (what once had the famous Playboy logo on the bottom of it) is settled at the top of the 5-star Palms Casino Resort and next to this amazing view you can get a free use of your own private movie theater, a gym and a 24-hour butler service as well – not bad at all!

Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa
©Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa

This magnificent infinity pool is Positano's most beautiful one and it’s perfect for couples and honeymooners, since it’s in the adults-only Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa, where the whole environment is very calm and romantic. I doubt that you will find a better looking pool in Europe, since this one is overlooking the endless sea – but if you know one, drop me a message by email!

Grace Hotel, Santorini
©Grace Hotel

Personally, this is not my favorite Santorini pool, but the Grace Hotel’s infinity pool has been voted to one of the most beautiful pools in Europe, so I had to show this to you. For my taste, this pool is too sterile and minimal, but the very modern and white design’s lovers will adore this one, that’s for sure! It’s good to know that this hotel is one of the most expensive ones in Santorini and it’s almost always full during summer, so if you want to spend here few days, take your reservation weeks or months before your holiday!

Amangiri, Utah, USA

I love the AMAN hotel group – one of my favorite from them is the Amangiri hotel in Utah, which have a beautiful settling around it. The whole hotel is very unique, so like the main swimming pool, what makes a strong contrast with the big cliffs. Although this place can’t compete with a Hawaiian or Bora Bora beachfront pool, I found it pretty amazing and I’m sure that this pool can be recognised anywhere in the world… And this is a big thing, because in today's world everyone’s copying everyone.

Tierra Atacama Hotel & Spa, Chile
©Tierra Atacama Hotel & Spa

Chile’s best invisible-style pool (which was previously voted one of the best pool by Condé Nast Traveller) has a view of the 5916 meter tall Licancabur vulcan, what’s kinda incredible. The environmentally-conscious hotel is run by a local family (btw they have to other hotel in Chile as well) and every single piece int he hotel room is totally recycled or made my natural materials. The Tierra Atacama hotel has been voted to 9.6 form 10 by traveller, so I’m sure that you get the best from everything if you visit this small luxury boutique hotel.

King Street Townhouse Hotel & Spa, Manchester, United Kingdom
©King Street Townhouse Hotel & Spa

This infinity pool is located in the middle of Manchester, on the 7th floor of the King Street Townhouse, where 10 to 15 people can have a very a pleasant bath. This sounds quite small, but actually this isn’t count if you have a unique panoramic view like this. I have not seen such a thing in England yet (not even in Europe actually), so it is definitely a great experience for those who love special and panoramic spas.

The Cambrian, Adelboden, Switzerland
©The Cambrian

If the mountains and the snowy landscapes are your weaknesses, you can easily find yourself a luxurious pool experience: diving into the infinity pool of the Cambrian Hotel, makes you feel like you are watching the Alps on a laptop screen - it’s that much incredible! However the pool is not so big, the sight is simply perfect in winter and in summer time as well.

Viceroy Bali, Ubud, Indonesia
©Viceroy Bali

It's been 10 years since I've seen this picture about this awesome place! The Viceroy Bali’s main infinity spa pool settle in an exotic area and have the perfect front view of the green jungle and the Petanu River Valley. Although every single suit and villa have an infinity pool similar like this, I’m sure that this spa have one of the best pools in the world and the hotel has been voted by „the best of all” many times as well (Trip Advisor Travelers Choice 2018, Life Style Tourist Adwars 2017, Conde Nast Traveler Readers Choice Awards 2018 etc.)

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