The most beautiful wedding venues in the world

by - April 30, 2018

Looking for a perfect wedding reception or just dreaming about your big day? I collected the most beautiful wedding venues in the world with the help of 10 gorgeous bride to find your perfect fairy-tale place to get married! which one is your favorite?

© Tamara Cserháti

Tamara and her husband wanted to have their wedding on a special place and since they've already traveled around the world, they were searching for a place which was new  for both of them. When the couple decided to have their wedding on Bali, they hired a local wedding planner who showed them this unique and panoramic wedding venue at Karma Kandara Resort - they immediately fell in love with the place!

Tamara, the hungarian beauty pageant bride said: "I'm very happy that we choose Bali as the place of our wedding, because it was completely dreamy."

It's not a photoshop! Emily and her husband got married in this beautiful scenery overlooking the Californian hills and vineyards. The couple is form Dallas, Texas and their first trip was to Malibu, so it was obvious for them to have a special and intimate destination wedding in the area.

"We didn't want a classic hotel wedding, but a beautiful venue with an incredible view. Malibu Rocky Oaks definitely check all our boxes!" - said Emily, who were amazed how the mansion's space got used. They had the wedding ceremony on the helipad, their first dance was outside next to a beautiful infinity pool and the reception and the dancing was inside the building. 

Kendra and her husband decided to have their truly beautiful wedding in California, at The Resort at the Pelican Hill 5-star hotel after they saw the scenic ocean view, the greenery surrounding and the italian Rotunda at the hotel's backyard. Since the couple found everything what they were looking for in this venue, they directly booked it - and as she says, they both loved the backdrop of their ceremony. 

"Waking down the isle with my grandfather on my side, and seeing my husband and son at the end of the isle as I was walking down was one of the best moments in my life. I just knew my life was complete!" - said the beautiful Kendra and I think we can agree that her wedding was absolutely dreamy! 

© Tatiana M. Photography / @buckeyebritt 

Brittany and her husband always dreamed about a beach wedding and since no one from their family lives in their hometown Los Angeles, they decided to have a dreamy destination wedding in Cancun, where their closest friends and family members can stay and have fun with them for a week - instead of having only one day to celebrate their marriage. Before choosing out this all-inclusive resort the couple spied a wedding and immediately fall in love with the romantic reception there - they recommend this to every future spouse too, since that's how they choose out their wedding DJ as well!

Accoring to the beautiful bride, Brittany: "As far as the wedding day, nothing really beats marrying your best friend at a gorgeous resort, on the beach, listening and watching the ocean in the background."

Fun fact: Most of the Mexican Resort offers a wedding "scouting" discount to check out the venue - they were that much lucky that the price of their wedding included their scouting trip too! 

© Marianne / Evgenia Volokitina 

Marianne and her husband wanted to have a location wedding and have some sunshine on their big day - especially that they are from Estonia and the weather is unpredictable there. Since the couple didn't want to get married in a totally different culture, they did a lot of research on Pinterest and when they saw the Dana Villas Wedding Venue in Santorini, they totally fell in love with it! 

The gorgeous bride, Marianne said: "We loved that our venue had such an amazing view, it was truly breathtaking. You could see a beautiful caldera. But also it was simple and small which we liked." 

© Helene Havard Photography

Ilze and her husband really wanted their family and friends would take part on their wedding, but since both of their family live far away from them, a wedding in their homeland, Germany sounded very stressful. Since the couple was dreaming about a perfect wedding, they decided to get married in the most beautiful place in the world - what was Bora Bora for them. 

"After we signed every wedding paper in Germany, we traveled to Bora Bora where the resort's staff were very helpful about our wedding. We had a beautiful ceremony overlooking the lagoon and the hills. It was just the two of us in the paradise, so our honeymoon was perfect as well." - said the gorgeous Ilze.

© Douglas James Photography / @alexislaws_
Jamaica - Sandals South Coast Luxury Resort

Alexis and her husband, Mike were looking for a small ceremony and a unique intimacy on their big day, so they decided to have a destination wedding in the Caribbeans. Their best men's mom is a travel agent, and when the couple initially met with her, she really recommended the Sandals South Coast Luxury Resort in Jamaica. Alexis and her husband fell in love with the place and very thankful for the resort's stuff that they made their dreams came true.

"For me, marrying Mike meant marrying my best friend and all that I cared about was sharing our special time with him and people who truly love and support us." - said Alexis, who wore a beautiful mermaid dress on the ceremony.  

© Paulina WalukAbigail & Alex Morellon Photography
Mauritius - Zilwa Attitude Hotel

The polish Paulina and her husband, Mark always dreamed about getting married on a warm tropical island, where they can have a ceremony barefoot on the beach surrounded by palm trees and crystal clear ocean. Since the couple got engaged in Maldives, they decided to have their wedding on their other favorite, Mauritius. Once they had the location, the couple watched every YouTube video about the island and because of the amazing Moorish style they choose the Zilwa Attitude Hotel to get married.

"We wanted to have a legal wedding, just like in our home country, what wouldn't be possible in the Maldives or Philippines. Life is a journey, so I think Mauritius was a perfect place for us." - said Paulina who is a successful model in Poland. Here you can check out their wedding!

© Bree Rubin Hair & Make Up  / @ Maui Maka Photography 
USA, Hawaii - Private Mansion

Bree and her husband live at one of the most beautiful places in the world - in Hawaii. The bride (as a hair and makeup artist) took part many Hawaiian wedding and know all of the popular wedding venues at the island of Maui. Since the couple wanted something unique and special, where she won't have to work on a wedding in the future, they rented out one of their friend's private mansion near the famous Honolulu Bay.

"It was very exclusive - no one has ever been married there! And since it's not open to the public, no one else will be married there. It was a perfect venue for us." - said the gorgeous bride who worked with more than 1500 brides in her career! 

© Elisa Walsh

Elisa and her husband, Justin had their proposal at the same art gallery where they had their first date years ago - after she said "yes", the couple immediately knew that they don't want to have a conventional wedding at their hometown, Chicago. The couple Googled "the most beautiful places in the world" and St. Lucia's Jade Mountain Resort was at the top of the list.

"Our wedding was perfectly as long as we wanted it to be and the truly magical part of our Jade Mountain wedding vacation was the fact that our wedding felt absolutely special." - said the lovely bride, Elisa who also loved that the resort's wedding planner made her sure from the first time that their ceremony will be perfect and she don't have to lift a finger or worry about any detail. Days after their returning to Chicago, the couple had a small celebration at the Lytle House with their closest friends and family. 

For more photos about the wedding venues and the brides, check out!

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