The best (and the worst) dressed models at the MET Gala 2018

by - May 08, 2018

Just like every May's first Monday, the celebrities, the supermodels and actresses attended one of the most important event of the fashion world - the yearly gala of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. This time, the theme was "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion & The Catholic Imagination" in honor of the Vatican's rich treasure exhibition. 

I was really glad when I heard about this year's theme, because I was sure that no-ones going to dress up provocatively or nearly naked for an event like that. I was right! This time almost all of the guests dressed up to the theme - and it not, at least their gowns was lovely. 

For me, this was my favorite MET Gala for a while now and I can't wait to show you the best (and the worst) dressed list. Here we go!

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

The ex Victoria's Secret Angel looked like a goddess in this gold Ralph Lauren gown. I loved this look - the hair, the makeup and the dress is perfect and I also liked that she passed tot he theme with her angelic glory. what an idea!

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Jasmine Sanders

She looks like the Queen of the Gala if I can say this. I ADORE this look and for me she was the best dressed at the event. It's totally pass to the theme, the skirt and the texture is just gorgeous, just like the strapless top - the dress is made by H&M by the way. If I could choose I look to wear this year it would be her or Kim Kardashian's dress.

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Irina Shayk

I love Irina's red carpet style - she again proved that Versace is always a good choice! I love how her figure looks like in this gold dress but I read comments about her look and some of you said "she looks like a golden chicken". Well, I would love to look like a golden chicken like this! haha

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Joan Smalls 

The Dominican beauty took the red carpet in this gold shiny Tommy Hilfiger gown with spaghetti  straps and a huge glory on her head. I think this is a good look, I loved that she tried to match to the theme despite her dress was clearly not make for it. I appreciate the effort and of course she looks beautiful.

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Gisele Bünchen

I haven't seen her for a while so I'm happy she showed up at the MET and however I really like her dress, I don't like the fact that Gisele's Versace dress didn't match with the theme. If I forget this stuff, I have admit she looks amazing and since I LOVE the satin & light gold color combination, I would totally wear this look!

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Ashley Graham

Ashley can have some risky choices, but not now. She looked like a bronze goddess and (however I'm not the fan of short hair) all in all she looks good. I think she pass to the theme with the color and the Prabal Gurung dress choice, I didn't even expect from her to dress up so good like this, so I'm surprised! 

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Hailey Baldwin

She looked better than ANY of her MET gala: I love the Tommy Hilfiger dress, the color, the texture , wow, I would adore this dress on me, but the same problem: have no match to the Vatican or to the Catholic theme. This dress could work on any event or premiere but not here. Next time Hailey!

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Taylor Hill

Before you think this isn't pass to the theme: think again! The Pope had almost the same look few years ago on a catholic event. I would not wear this, for me she looks quite scary but I have admit that her choice was great and matched to the theme - what can't be told about most of the models out there. Oh, and her heels are perfect!

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Stella Maxwell

She's been always so brave on the red carpet! However Stella's look pass to the theme, for me this Moschino by Jeremy Scott dress is too much - I would never wear a gown like that, even if the event is about Vatican. I find a bit tasteless as well but as I read many people in the fashion world like this look. What do you think?

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Bella Hadid

I thought she is going to wear Dior, but I'm glad she choose something different! The designer, Gareth Pugh is famous for his very dark and very simple clothes, but this time it worked really well: Bella dressed up as a nun for the event. Her makeup and hairband looks gorgeous too!

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Emily Ratajkowski

Most of the time I like her dresses, but this vintage Marc Jacobs one look bad. The shiny texture and the light gold shade looks cheap and her amazing makeup and hair doesn't help on this as well. At least she had a cute white glory o her hair too, but all in all it's nothing what I could like.

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Gigi Hadid

I know that it's a costum-made Versace dress, and yes, I can clearly see the effort and the precious time what needed to make this dress looks like this but for me it's nothing more than a costum for a Disney movie. Probably many of you won't agree with me, but I don't like the top of it, it more looks like a flower dress than a Vatican-one for me and I'm 100% sure I would never wear this dress.

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Kate Upton

I never liked her red carpet style and I also find her Alexandre Birman dress disappointing. Her heels are terrible, the satin gown looks like a nighty sleepwear, the color choice (black? dark green? dark purple?) isn't pass to the theme and is there a hoody on her dress?? Like really? The only thing what help on her is her crown and the pretty earrings, but nothing else.

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Andreea Diaconu

The roman model pass totally to the theme but somehow she looks more scary to me than good looking. Is it the right way to dress up the event? Yes, but all in all she is not pleasure to my eyes.

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Ming Xi

The Chinese supermodel's Prabal Gurung dress clearly didn't fit the theme, so I have no idea why she wore it. Probably she fell in love with it and it was a good occasion to dress up like a princess. For me it's more like a Cannes Film Festival gown, but it's pretty without a doubt.

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Amber Valletta

I seriously have no idea what this legendary supermodel was thinking when she dress up to a Costum Gala in a Saint Laurent LBD party dress! I know that she's the face of the brand and she have to promote it (just like Anja Rubik, she comes next!) but I can't believe that she and the designer was not able to choose something more elegant. Not the length, not the color, not the type of the dress - actually nothing pass to the theme. Wrong choice Amber.

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Anja Rubik

The next Saint Laurent girl is Anja Rubik, the polish topmodel whose outfit look even worse than Amber's. It looks like a complete mess, so I don't even want to write about it more.

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Liu Wen

Yes, this Michael Kors dress looks solid and pretty, nothing special but this was not a usual gala where you choose brighty colored dressed like this. This gala had a theme and guests should have to dress up to it! I didn't expect her to dress up as the Pope like Rihanna, but come on... this gown is not good for here!

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Cindy Crawford

Big cleavage, red color and leather texture - everything is different that it should have be. I think Cindy really didn't care about what to wear to the theme: she just wanted to look good and sexy  - yes, she is! But  I find it disrespectful to dress up like this when the theme is the catholic religion - even if it's a Versace dress.

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Kate Moss

I didn't expect much from here: she always look the same in every gala or red carpet event. I would have win the lottery if I bet that she's going to wear black and here we are. Probably you recognized it but just like Amber Valletta's and Anja Rubik's dress this is a Saint Laurent LBD too. The difference between those and this that it's even more simpler and don't look like a designer piece.

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Lily Aldrige

Honestly, what she was thinking? It looks like an ugly yellow raincoat, not a gown! Of course, it's obvious that the look have no connection to the Vatican theme, but it looks ugly too - however its a Ralph Lauren gown. I love jewelries but somehow this Bvlgari piece look strange on her too. This whole look is just bad - the only thing I like is her shiny shoes - is it Jimmy Choo?

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Doutzen Kroes

What's this? Doutzen was never famous for her wonderful red carpet style, but I highly doubt that she didn't realise that wearing a pinkish summer beach party Sies Marjan gown don't pass to the theme. I would wear this dress to a dinner date or to a premiere (at the maximum) but not a black tie even like this. It was a big fault, I hope she will choose better next time.

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