17 dreamy Chanel bag for fall/winter 2018.19

by - August 15, 2018

Just like in the previous season, I'm going to show you Chanel's most beautiful bags for the season of Fall/Winter 2018.19. In case, you didn't have a "dream bag" from this legendary french brand - I bet now you'll have!

I never been a huge Chanel fan (I like Italian luxury brands and few other French designer more) but I have to admit that Karl Lagerfeld (and the main designer team of Chanel) makes amazing bags from season to season! 

As I was actually expected in this fall season the brand designed dark colored of bags: from beige and burgundy to dark green and navy blue you can find pretty much every shade in the new collection (so like lots of black bags, but since I never wear black bag I choose to don't show them to you).

However I could choose a few piece from this new collection (which includes 82 bag), but I would have been happier for some bright and light colored bags. If you are interested, these bags arrive to the retails store at the beginning of August! 

Chanel Flap Bag 3400 $

Chanel Flap Bag 4400 $

Chanel Silver Minaudiere 5300 $
Chanel Flap Bag 4800 $

Chanel Pink Waist Bag  3400 $
Chanel Classic Flap Bag 5300 $

Chanel Flap Bag  4000 $
Chanel Burgundy Flap Bag 3700 $

Chanel Green Flap Bag 3200 $

Chanel Burgundy Vanity Case 5200 $

Chanel Green Vanity Case 5000 $

Chanel Gabrielle Small Hobo Bag 3900 $

Chanel Gabrielle Small Hobo Bag 3900 $

Chanel Grey Bowling Bag 5200 $

Chanel Small Shopping Bag 5100 $

Chanel Navy Large Flap Bag with Top Handle 7000 $

Chanel Gray Large Shopping Bag 4600 $

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