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by - September 02, 2018

Viky Varga is much more than being the girlfriend of Graziano Pellé (one of the world's highest paid football player) - she's a sucessful supermodel, digital influencer and businesswoman too!

However she lives in Jinan, China; she's not bored at all! She keeps herself busy with managing her Instagram page (on which she have more than 256 k follower) and getting more successful as a supermodel and a digital influencer. Now Viky talkes about the fashion world's backstage secrets, her favorite places and her beauty secrets as well! 

© Viky Varga / Instagram
How did you get into modeling? 

I was 16 year old when I started to consider modeling and my family supported me from the very first time. I'm Hungarian and I was born in Győr, so the first step was to find a model agency in Budapest, what is the capital city of Hungary. My agency helped me to learn how to walk on catwalk properly and how to pose. On my first casting, I met with an Italian model agent who find me good enough to get me to Milan and introduce me to his clients in the national fashion industry.

Which of your work are you the most proud of?

I'm the most proud of the Calzedonia's 2018 swimwear show, which is Europe's biggest bikini show. It was a huge honor to be the part of the show, since the atmosphere was amazing, the runway was full of famous supermodels and most of the guests was celebrities.

© Viky Varga, Calzedonia / Instagram

Have you got a dream job?

It's my big dream to work for Victoria's Secret and to the Sports Sports Swimsuit magazine - But I probably share this dream with million other women! I feel myself lucky, because few years ago I would have say it's my big dream to work with Calzedonia and Intimissimi too, but now these wishes came true! 

What is your most unpleasant memory from your modeling career?

Luckily, I never had any unpleasant or bizarre memory. In the fashion industry everyone is very passionate and out-spoken: I get lots of negative criticism to my look and sometimes it's difficult to accept other people's opinion. For example, when I started modeling it was very strange for me that I have to change clothes in front of many people, but nowadays I got used to it. A model have to accept these things. 

© Viky Varga, Calzedonia / Instagram

What advice can you give to young girls who want to modeling?

Those girls, who want to start modeling on a seriously international level, have to be very careful! I recommend them to don't get in contact with model agencies, who ask money for a test photoshoot or a model school, because in my experience these agencies are just scams. If a professional model agent see potential in a girl, it's naturally that he will pay for these things, because it's an investment, he trust in his connections and the talent of the model. Next to these, a model have to always be humble and mentally strong to cope in this competitive fashion world. 

Have you got any beauty secret?

As soon as I can, I remove my make up and use hydration cream to my skin. And of course I never go sleep with my make up on!

© Viky Varga / Instagram
You always look fantastic! What is the secret of your perfect shape?

Thank you! I don't follow any diet, but I try to eat bread and red meat less. I work out 4-5 times a week, but it depends on my mood what class I choose. I like Power Plate and TRX, but I try out every other type of sport too - the important is to make me sweat! In summertime or during my vacation I try to be more active even if I don't go to gym.

Your Instagram followers know that you are a big fan of swimwears and bikinis. Where did you buy them?

To be honest, I rarely go out to shopping bikinis, because most of the swimwear I wore is a gift from the brands I'm working with as a photo or runway model or I get them through social media collaborations. 

Naturally, my followers can see only those items what I love to wear, that's why I promote them. It's always me who chooses out my bikinis, taking notice to the latest fashion trends and to how good they look on me.

© Viky Varga / Instagram
You've been so many countries around the world! Have you got a favorite place?

I'm very lucky that I've been so many places! French Polynesia is the most beautiful place I have ever seen, but my big favorite is South Italy. Salento have to most beautiful, crystal clear sea, the most perfect and untouched landscapes and the foods are very delicious there!

What are your plans for the nearest future?

Right now I'm preparing for Intimissimi's lingerie show in September, so my August was about to get into the best shape! Now I'm concentrating on it 100%, but after then I would like to try out myself in the USA as well.

Thank you Viky! Please follow her Instagram page and her YouTube channel as well!

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