26 amazing idea to your dream wedding

by - June 28, 2018

Are you going to have a summer wedding or just collect inspiration to your big day? Forget Pinterest! I show you the most special, cute and memorable ideas to your wedding, what makes your guest say "Wow"!

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Flower Photo Wall

Is there any other more beautiful decoration on a wedding than this? I doubt it! Many of the couples fall in love with the flower wall that they even have the ceremony at the front of it (like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West), some others put it at the dinner reception place behind the first table, but it looks good if you just you just put it somewhere else that you and the guests could take photos at the front of it. Not just memorable but very stylish too!
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Logo Photo Wall

If you are not into flowers (what I really doubt, but who knows) or find them too pricey, you can rent out a huge logo with some cute word (like "love" or your names or your first alphabets on it) that the guests could pose at the front of it. It isn't have any function, it's just about the decoration but I think it's a good idea to have some type of photo wall on your venue. 
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Fruits instead of vases

Bored by fancy shimmery/glass vases as a table decoration? If you want something special, you simply change them to different shapes of fruits! This pineapple for example looks gorgeous on an exotic themed beach wedding - you can even put some flowers in it! This idea is not just pretty, but cheap too! 
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DIY Sandals

If you just can't stand high heels or you are going to have a boho/beach wedding, it's a good idea to wear some type of sandals and decorate them with some pearls and pretty stones. You can easily buy/order these beauties from hobby or decoration stores, stick them with a strong glue and after it you don't have to worry about your main dance at the reception anymore!
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Colorful Petal Confetti

Do you like flowers? So like the guests! It's a fun thing to walk down the isle which is full of dry flower or paper confetti petals. Nowadays you can order different packages with different type and colored flowers. If you prepare them into an open box next to the ceremony's place, you can be sure that the guests will use them! 

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Special Wedding Cake

Nowadays you can choose from so many type of wedding cake that you would be silly to don't try out something new! This white wedding cake have a bit of blank in it with a marzipan chandelier in it - the best thing is that you can but a marzipan couple under it! I think it's beautiful and awesome idea, especially if the couple looks like you and your husband! Before ordering this cake, ask the bakery if they can do it or not!
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Gift to your bridesmaid

In case you are going to have a big wedding, you will need bridesmaid who will help you in everything. After deciding which of your girlfriends are going to be the lucky one, you can give them a special gift where you can ask them in a message : "Will you be my bridesmaid?" every girl will love it! If you want to make the whole thing unique, make special necklaces to them what they can wear at your wedding! The rest of the gift's packing is up on your taste.
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Mirror Menu

If you are bored by papers, write the menu, the seating plan or a welcome message into a mirror! It gives some elegance attitude to your wedding, it's also very unique and since every lady guest wants to check out their makeup and hair (at least once), they will be thankful for this idea!
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Special Table Setting

Not everything have to be blush and white! If you choose something "different than usual" the chance is kinda big that you won't meet the same in the next wedding you are invited too! Why don't you pair a painted white-blue plate with gold flatware? It may sounds strange, but look how amazing it looks like! I also love that the plate are not so round and have some different shape.

Heart Shaped Wedding Caked

Going to have an intimate wedding and you don't want to order a huge cake? This beautiful one is for you! You can order and design it depend on your style (I secretly whisper that it's also perfect for a unique birthday or a wedding anniversary celebration too!)

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Sweet board to your baby

In case your son/daughter going to be your ringholder on your wedding, you can give them this cute wooden board during his/her intro. I'm 100% sure that all of your wedding guest going to be melted because of this cute idea and your future husband will be pretty flattered too when they are going to see it! It's very cheap, it's just about few dollars on eBay. 

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Plants for everyone!

It isn't passes to fairy or elegant weddings, but if you take it easy, it's a fun way to give a small gift to your guest. You can write their table's or seat's number on it and as soon as they arrive to the reception, they can search their own place! In this way you can totally skip the table seat menu/cards as well, and the guests can bring this cute little plans/cactus to home!
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Sweet bridesmaid board

In case you don't have a baby with your future husband, you can still have sweet bridesmaids! It's every little girls dream to be a bridesmaid and they will be so proud to hold a flag or a board, where they can announce that you are coming to the aisle!

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Sweet Welcome Ceremony Message

Your husband have a way bigger family than yours? Or you have a much bigger friend circle than him? Don't stress about it! Take exactly as many seat as many guests are coming to your wedding, so in this way the guests don't have to pick a side, but a seat! 

Love Story Board

I've never seen anything like that so far, but it's a great idea to tell the wedding guests few cute and little details about you. Like "when did you meet first?", "what do you like to do together?", "what do you live in her/him", "where and how did you got engaged?" and so on. If you don't like these questions you can think out even more unique ones, but it's a great example how can you tell few basic thing about your relationship to the guests without excuse yourself for answering the 100th "How did you meet?" question on your big day.

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Dancing Shoes

Since all of your girlfriends going to wear their highest (and most beautiful - of course) heels, they might be thankful for those cute pink flip flops. You will be surprised how many girls will going to the dance floor after this! 

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Advice for Bride & Groom

I find it very lovely and it's a good fun to read all of the little message on your honeymoon with bae. I would also be curious what my guests would advice for us, and since it's not a pricey thing to do (at all), I'm sure that I'm going to do this at my own wedding.

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Personalized Bottle Foil

What an idea! Instead of serve the water in their original bottle foil, change them to a personalized sticker with your names and the wedding dates on it! You can find many samples online but if you listen to me, you pass it with your wedding invitation and the wedding decoration. Guests will be amazed!

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Sweet Shoe Message

Some guys are not so romantic and full of ideas that they would find out themselves to surprise their loved ones with a little written message written on their shoes... So don't hesitate, ask your fiance to change shoes before the wedding and write something to the boot-sole! You can be sure that it will be very special all of your life!
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Jewelry Bouquet

Are you allergic to flowers or just don't like them? Instead of using plastic ones, rent out a jewelry bouquet! I've never seen anything like that in a wedding, but if a girl like shiny things, it can might be even a better idea to pick something like that instead of a rose or peony.
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Glass Cake Shelf

Most of the sweets are on tables or served my waiters, but not on a totally invisible glass /plastic shelf! It not just look awesome, but I'm sure that many of the guests going to take some photo about it as well. Of course, you don't have to put donuts on it, it can be any type of sweet, cake or cupcake. Attention, the colorful ones look even better in it! I bet that this will be one of the most popular place at your venue.

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Balloons everywhere!

If you are having a main seat with your husband during the reception, it looks great if you dress it up with some awesome, colorful balloons which passes exactly to your wedding's color. It's even better idea to put up some photowall or a place where the guests can take photos and dress it up with some huge balloons just as in the photo. I love the idea, it looks fun! 
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Huge Wedding Seating Chart

You can write it to a little paper or a to bigger board (or you can even skip it if you have a very intimate and small wedding), but if you have a bigger wedding and the reception will be outside, I definitely recommend this idea! This is a 3-meter-tall wood pane where every guest can find where they are going to sit if they are searching for the initials of their name. I find it fun and the guests would love to search their name!

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Hire a painter

Art lovers going to love this amazing idea - hire a painter and ask her/him to make a picture about your ceremony! This is going to be totally unique and a photo like this will be the treasure of your future home! 
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Special Donut Cake

Not a fan of wedding cakes? Instead of a creamy cake choose a donut one! You can make this idea with little cupcakes, little cakes and actually with everything else you would like too - all you need is just a cake stand!
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Wedding Coloring Book

If most of your guests have kids, it's likely that they are taking them to your wedding. But what are they going to do until the adults are partying? Give them a coloring book themed by your wedding! The girls are totally going to love it and their parents will be thankful for you to keep them busy while they have enjoy your wedding!

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