The 10 most beautiful wedding venues in Hungary

by - June 22, 2018

Last time I showed you the most wonderful wedding locations in the world – now I’m going to show you the best venues in Hungary, including beautiful mansions, wine estates and fabulous hotels – with the helps of 10 brides!

© Vígh Diána

Dia and her fiancé wanted to have their wedding in a picturesque setting where their guests can get away from the reality for a weekend. The Lake Balaton’s area was the most attractive for them and when they found Monoszló’s famous wine estate hotel, the Liszkay Wine Estate (Liszkay Borkúria) they were totally amazed!

"As soon as I had the opportunity, I visited the venue, which is even more beautiful than on the pictures! After my trip, I immediately booked the venue, so I didn’t visit any other wedding location – I just felt that I want to get married here!” – said Dia, who fell in love with the wedding organizing so much that she founded her own wedding planner company called Happily Ever After.
© Futács Gitta / Theodora Simon Wedding Photography
Fisherman’s Bastion

Gitta Futács (Miss Intercontinental Hungary 2014) and her fiancé originally planned to have a small beach wedding and just have a family dinner at the famous restaurant at the Fisherman’s Bastion, called Halászbástya Restaurant. As the couple organised their wedding, they realised that they want to celebrate their love with their family and friends, so they changed their plans.

"During the organization, one of the staff member of the restaurant told me that the lovely small balcony of the Fisherman’s Bastion can be rented as well, so it was not a question anymore where we are going to have our wedding ceremony.” – said Gitta, who loved that the whole city was at the front of their feet.
© Proksa Szandra / VAMOS Wedding Photography / Balaton Wedding by Ottilia
Benedictine Abbey of Tihany

Szandra Proksa (Miss Universe Hungary 2005), imagined her big day at the Benedictine Abbey of Tihany (Tihanyi Bencés apátság) since her childhood, but she had to wait a whole year to have a free wedding date. "There is only one wedding at the Abbey on every Saturday - so my whole wedding was adapted to the venue. Nevertheless, I did not regret it because I needed that much time for the perfect organization." – said Szandra, who was wearing an individually designed Trangoni headdress and Demetrios dress at her wedding.

After the temple ceremony, the guests were heading to the Hotel Yacht Wellness & Business in Siófok, where the civil ceremony happened. "My wedding had everything I’ve ever dreamed of! On the top of it I married to the love of my life in the best place int he world! At least for me.” – said Szandra.
© Boldog Attila photographer / Viola Violetta flower & decoration
Hotel Clark - Leo Rooftop Bar

Cintia and her fiancé wanted to have their wedding ceremony on a unique location: firstly, they were thinking of a winter wedding holiday in the Mexican eco friendly Azulik Hotel Tulum, but they changed their mind and decided to have their wedding in their hometown, Budapest. Cinti’s cousin, Hubert found the most beautiful venue to the couple – in a totally new hotel’s rooftop terrace.

„The LEO Rooftop Bar at the top of the Hotel Clark just got ready – it was a totally new and unique atmosphere and we were the first who had their wedding there.” – said Cintia, who only had green plants as a decoration on her wedding.
© VAMOS Wedding Photography / Kustos Orsolya makeup / Zsiga Renáta hair dresser / Daalarna dress / Trangoni headdress / Flowers by Flora Kosch decoration / VagoArt Films video
Zala Springs Resort & Spa

The beautician Szandra first visited the Zala Springs Resort when one of her clients had her wedding there. Szandra fell in love with the place so much that she decided she’s going to have her wedding here as well! The bride visited the modern resort with her fiancé and after seeing in once again, the couple knew that this is the place for them!

"My wedding was so wonderful from the time we got up in the morning! It was lovely to get prepared with my girlfriends to the ceremony and actually everything happened the way we dreamed of.” – said Szandra, whose’s wedding was made even more memorable by his favorite DJ, Nigel Stately! Here you can check out the amazing wedding!
© Vivien Naomi Photography / Sugar Flower Decoration / Turkish Makeup Makeup
Haraszthy-Vallejo Vineyards

Kriszta and her fiancé, Ricsi first searched for a wedding venue in the wine region of Balaton, but later (due to their close proximity to Budapest), the couple chosed the Haraszthy-VallejoVineyards at Etyek as their wedding location.

„This place was a love at first sight. We believed that it would be the most suitable environment for our wedding and we were so right!”  - said Kriszta, who felt herself on a Tuscany vacation on her wedding day. „While the guys  were enjoying pool, my girlfriends and I got pampered to the ceremony.” – said the bride, who were always dreamed about a wedding like this.
© János Kovács
Le Til Mansion

Ketrin and her fiancé, Tomi came from East Hungary, so they were sure that they would like to keep their big day nearby. "We wanted to have a castle wedding, when my finacé, Tomi recommended the Le Til Mansion (Le Til Kúria) at Biri for our wedding. I checked the place online and I immediately knew that this is our dream spot!” – said Ketrin, who loved that the mansion’s management solved all of their special request from the reception, to the midnight menu til the flower decoration.

The freshly married couple later claimed that all their guests were amazed about the elegance of the venue and that the expectations of their foreign guests surpassed the beauty of the Le Til Mansion.
© Gergely Kata / VAMOS Wedding Photography
Tópart Hotel & Restaurant

Kata and her fiancé, Miki, wanted to have their wedding at Lake Balaton, when they can have their own private beachside. „We found the place online and we immediately felt it will be the wedding venue for us.” – said the beautiful bride, who haven’t checked out any other location after a personal visit of the hotel.

The couple rented the entire beautiful hotel for their wedding weekend, where their 75-guest were comfortably accommodated. "The hotel owners were very nice and kind. Our wedding was perfect and it could not have been more beautiful!"
© Noémi Jánossy / Wedding by Alexandra Alexandra-Tóth Alexandra Wedding Organizer
Magyar Talléros Event Hall

Dalma have been with her partner, Adam only for a year when they found their dream wedding location. „One of my girlfriend showed me this amazing event hall at Nyírtass and I had to show it to Adam, before even taling about marriage! Two months later he asked me to marry him and it was not a question that we are going to have our wedding there!” – said the beautiful Dalma, who lives in Austria with her husband so they were not able to check out the venue in live before the wedding day.

„We had a classic, vintage inspired wedding and we were to satisfied with the organization and the event hall’s management!” – said Dalma, who loved to have their own makeup room before the ceremony.
© Csaba Varga Photography
St. Stephen's Basilica

Alexandra and her fiancé definitely wanted to get married in Budapest, so it was no question that the wedding ceremony is going to be at the St. Stephen's Basilica. "As a little girl I often visited the Holy Masses at Basilica with my family and I’ve always dreamed about to have my wedding here.” – said the beautiful bride.

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